Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing in San Diego

Living in San Diego it’s really hard to not worry about your child going missing. Hey we have the unfortunate misfortune to boast Chelsea King, Amber Dubois and Danielle Van Dam to our San Diego missing “hall of fame”. It’s almost scary how often it happens here, and makes national news. For me personally I often wonder how many missing children are not as fortunate as our top three candidates.

And but by "fortunate", I DO NOT MEAN ANYTHING GOOD!!! I mean they had PITA’s for parents, their parents fought hard for them, they kept their children in the news and they made sure there was justice for them.

Not every missing child is that fortunate, not every child gets that opportunity. How many children have gone missing in San Diego County since Feb. 2, 2002 when Danielle went missing? Does anyone know? I could not find any hard concrete numbers on this, but I know that from the news coverage, most people only know of the above 3 girls, and I am positive there are many, many more missing children.

As a parent of a child with Autism, a child who is a huge flight risk, I know there will be more in our future. Our numbers of children with Autism now ranks at 1:110 kids; our kids have a higher chance of becoming like the three angels above, because they are extra vulnerable and are more likely to be taken advantage of then the average child due to their social deficits. The social deficits, leaves our higher functioning kids with autism especially vulnerable to child molesters, bullies and many other people who do not have their best interests at heart, because our children want to be accepted. Then add into the mix our non verbal, escape artist children with Autism and most of the Autism population is at risk for going missing.

So what brings these two unique groups of people together? The fact that Amber Dubious Family has already held one Search and Rescue class, and now they will be bringing another one to San Diego. They brought it to help girls like Chelsea, Amber and Danielle, but ultimately it will benefit any child who goes missing. These classes are meant to address how to search and rescue missing people. It is a training class in the proper police techniques on how to help police and not hinder the police investigation in the search and recovery process of missing people. As a parent of a potentially missing child with Autism I think this is doubly awesome and will benefit multiple groups of missing person organizations.

Long story short, the more people trained the better off all of us in San Diego are!!!

Short end of the story, if you have a child with Autism, a parent with Alzheimer’s or any other person at risk to come up missing, you should think about taking this class for yourself and the rest of the community.

If you don’t fit in the above categories you should take the class to be a Good Samaritan when one of the above set of people goes missing. The more trained, the more people to search, the more people searching the more likely we are to bring home any missing person home alive.

To read more on what these classes entail you can read about them here. Click Events & Volunteers.

After clicking Click Events & Volunteers…

Click on:
SAR Letter
Outline of class

As I post this there is only information on the last class that was already held, but click on those links because it’s great info. I will update this info when they post registration for the Memorial Weekend class.

I have not personally met Chelsea, Amber, or Danielle’s parents, but I am pretty sure today I can speak for them and all the future missing children with or without disabilities that you should PITAup and go to the Search and Rescue Training Memorial weekend. Their families need the public support now, and the best way to show the families we support them is to go to the training. So please register to protect all San Diego children, no matter who they are, no matter if they have a disability, just volunteer to protect all our children.

The life you save may not be the one you expect.

Until Next time PITAup and Change the world one person at a time, I know that Chelsea, Amber, Danielle and Autism have done that for me, please pay it forward in their memory!!!

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