Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't Be Fooled by the "Gluten-Free" Hype Email From Vitamin Research Products®

Dear Vitamin Research Products®,
I wanted to let you know I found this mornings email and the link in it about the gluten free diet to be misleading and offensive.  

As a parent of a child who has severe GI issues and has been Gluten free, casein free, and egg free for 8 years, I can assure the diet does work and it is not a Hoax! I think sending out that email could be very misleading to someone considering doing the diet.  While the gluten free diet, as with all diets, supplements, medical treatments, prescription drugs and alternative treatments, do not work for everyone, BUT they do work for some. Calling gluten free a hoax is NOT appropriate, not true and a disservice to all of your customers. In addition many people who try gluten free diets, may actually need a more restrictive diet than gluten free, for my child, he has to also be egg and apple free and needs digestive enzymes. 

I think this email could have been handled better by better phrasing such as, "Are you gluten free and still suffering from digestive problems?". Instead of insulting a huge core of your customer base and dismissing a very worthy and appropriate treatment for many GI issues and celiac's disease!

Until you send out an apology to your customers who follow the diet and revamp your page, I will no longer be purchasing your products nor recommending them. I will also be suggesting that all autism friends, gluten free friends, and celiac friends do the same!

Bottom line consider your customer base before sending out misinformation on valued treatments!

Sincerely a former customer and Austin's mom who believes in gluten free!

P.S. For my readers if this offends you also call, (800) 877-2447, and tell them it offends you too!!!