Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things every PITA should carry in their purse or backpack is making a list and checking it twice for things every PITA should carry in their purse or backpack:

1. GFCFSF Snacks
2. Baby wipes
3. Pull ups
4. A Sharpie
5. Post it notes
6. Autism Speaks tax return to hand out to business that support the evil blue puzzle piece
7. Bails bond person # who is Autism friendly
8. GFCFSF restaurant list
9. Talk About Curing Autism journey guide
10. CDC website print out of what is actually on the vaccine ingredient list
11. Most wanted pictures of Paul for “Pr” Offit & Nancy “the PharmaWhore” Snyderman
12. Pure Ayre
13. Houston Enzymes
14. iTouch
15. Proloquo2Go
16. First Then
17. Headphones
18. iTouch charger for the car and wall
19. Neil Z. Miller's Vaccine Safety Manual
20. Melatonin and pear sauce for administration
21. Activated charcoal
22. Arnica
23. Earmuffs
24. Business cards with your name, number and e-mail for future PITA’s you meet
25. At least one pack of all the samples you got from the DAN conference, just incase!

OK MAYBE, JUST MAYBE we need a rolling suitcase, just saying!!!

Feel free to list anything I might have missed!!!

Thanks to my fellow PITA’s on my Facebook list that contributed to this.

So until next time PITAup, change the life of a child with Autism, the life you change, just might just be your own!!!

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