Thursday, April 22, 2010

Warning: I will photograph you in the handicapped spots at the Elementary School and post them on FB and my blog!

There is nothing more annoying then someone who does not have a handicap placard and parks in a handicap parking space, in the stripped loading zone between the handicap parking spaces or in the handicapped loading zones in front of buildings.

In the Hope Elementary parking lot we have 2 handicap spots and one loading area in front of the school. The buses and handicap transportation vans all park in front of or near the later area about 15-20 minutes before school get out and leave by at least 5 minutes before school lets out. On non rainy days this works out wonderfully because that is when the parents of disabled children who do not ride the bus pull in as the others leave and we can easily get pick up their child up in a safe manner of the 2 spots are filled.

Many of you who have long followed me on Facebook know how many times I have posted on this subject before. It annoyed me so much that I even occasionally posted pictures of the offending car that has illegally parked at least once a week since the beginning of school. The week of the time change, the worst offender parked there every day that week and I finally said something to her. I was nice and polite, but I did explain how it was against the law and rude. So far, at least in my presence, she has not repeated it.

So yesterday it rained and on rainy days, here in “sunny” California parents think little “Johnny” and “Suzy” will surely melt like the “Wicked Witch” if they are touch by one tiny drop of rain. This makes the parents crazed and they all fight for the area the busses were in. The majority of that area is all red curbed just like the rest of where the regular education kids load and unload, but there is an approximately 12 foot spot that is clearly painted blue, has a wheel chair ramp and a legal blue sign stating it is for handicap loading. Just because its not an actual handicap spot I think the parents miss it is still legally only for people with handicap placards or handicapped transportation vehicles. The pathetic person who did it today got yelled at by some old guy with a placard, I was secretly cheering him on.

I know many people look at my family when we step out of the car in a handicap spot and think why do they have one. People need to be reminded that some handicaps are hidden. My friend Kelli’s heart only works at 40% and you would never know it, she looks as healthy as can be, but even a small cold can make walking and doing things difficult for her. My friend Cindy is only 30 and has an extreme back problem that makes walking difficult. Then you have families like mine who are kids look “normal” and at times even act normal, but at any moment might take off into traffic. Our kids with Autism are huge safety risks.

If after hearing me rant on this subject you are still considering parking on a handicap spot, the stripped area, handicap loading zone, you might also be surprised to learn it is also illegal to be just stopped within 3 feet of pavement, ramps, etc., per CA vehicle code 22507.8(a) and (c) 3. In California you are also subject to hefty fines, between $250 and $1,000, for violating disabled parking laws and according to the newest legislation in 2010 the following acts will net you the enhanced fine:
1) A disabled person who knowingly permits his or her disabled placard or plate to be used by a person not entitled to it
2) A person displaying a disabled placard that was not issued to him or her (except when transporting a disabled person), or a disabled placard that has been canceled or revoked
3) A person using a vehicle displaying a special identification license plate issued to another who parks in a parking stall or space designated for disabled persons
4) A person who, with fraudulent intent, displays or causes or permits to be displayed a forged, counterfeit, or false disabled person placard.

So PITA up and if you don’t have a placard DON”T park in the blue, if you don’t have a placard and qualify go get one!!! And remember what my friend Megan said about me,” Warning: I will photograph you in the handicapped spots at the Elementary School and post them on FB and my blog!”

Have a great day and PITA UP!!


  1. You can download the placard form from the internet and it takes 2 seconds for the doctor to fill it out.

  2. This is classic! Love it!

    I have wondered myself whether we can get a plate/placard here in Indiana, as our son is (autistic and) a runner. He's gotten better over the last several months, but we still have our episodes.

  3. Awesome!!! I've often considered getting one, but then I realize my real runner is my neurotypical 3yo, not my autistic 4yo LOLOL!! I'm loving your blog, and linked to your AS post from mine. :) Can't wait to read more!!
    Wendy @

  4. You could make up little flyers and stick them on the windshields of offending vehicles. I've done that before. Most people just don't think when they do that (though there are a few who have some mistaken sense of entitlement!)

  5. I start by saying "oh, I think you forgot to put up your placquard"...being intentionally kind of vague if someone is in that space at our school.

    If they look at me like they have no idea what I have just said, then I know they don't belong. I say the BLUE HANDICAPPED PLAQUE that makes it LEGAL TO PARK HERE-YOU FORGOT TO PUT YOUR UP!

    Then they have to admit to me- out loud- that they don't have one and are parked illegally and have inconvenienced child is fairly obviously affected and does have a bit of a movement disorder so this puts the offending mom in a very embarrasing position IN FRONT OF HER KIDS!

    That way, if the person, does have a right to be there, I'm not caught off guard, either. And they have been given the benefit of the doubt. My husband is the worst about forgetting to put up the plaque and he has a really nice car...people really give us dirty looks- like we are the entitled people from hell!!!!!