Wednesday, May 18, 2011

iPad story on Good Morning America

I think there are flaws in this “news” story. The small blonde girl was NOT READING, she was matching. The story asks if these apps teach kids to read. NO THAT app teaches letters and matching, a clearly appropriate skill for her age group.

Also the difference between this and TV is TV is passive, this is not.
Now I am not saying this should be a babysitter any more than TV should but it can be a useful learning tool when used appropriately.

Also I encounter this all the time with parents about how their child will not give something up or stop doing something. As a parent to 4 children, age 21, 19, 11, and a child with Autism age 9. Just say no. You are the parent, BE THE PARENT!! (but I regress and this is another blog)

As the parent of a child with Autism GMA should do a story on how iPad's, iTouches and apps are changing our children's world. There is an awesome mom, in San Diego, Janine Boleda of Good Karma Apps who is changing the world of children with Autism with her inexpensive apps. many companies are making apps and charging parents an arm and a leg for them, but not Janine. She is doing it for quality of life for our kids not to make a profit. Every $ she makes goes back into the next app she creates and not her pocket!!!

GMA should do a story on Janine and no I am not her, just a huge fan!!!!

If you agree, please go comment on GMA’s story.