Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You are part of the community, until you meet Autism

I'd like to say I am a little disappointed with Carlsbad Unified School District, and my two youngest children's schools, BUT I CAN NOT say that, because, I AM MORE THEN disappointed with Calaveras Hills Middle School and Hope Elementary and CUSD that it is Autism Awareness month, and that I have not heard of one fund raiser for Autism or the month even mentioned. 

Both Hope Elementary and CHMS are our autism program schools, yet, I have noticed we, as a community, do not fund raise for Autism (but fund raise for many other conditions that are not affecting 1 in 50 school aged children). I sent in February a request that CHMS ASB  fundraiser Hearts for Hope or to fund raise for the San Diego Autism Society and no one contacted me or either charity.  I also sent Hope Elementary one fundraiser that we as a family were doing and I have yet to see ANYTHING come through School Loop and it is the 9th of April.

Before Autism and during the process of Austin's diagnosis the Primer family were huge fundraisers for both the CHS Football team and the CHS wrestling team.

I am a little more then sad, I AM A LOT sad to realize that once you meet autism, you are really, really, really alone and that your community leaves you there, ALONE. That no matter what you do, once you are no longer helping them, you are a then A NOBODY, you are JUST another family.  It really is a WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY society.

Do I regret all I did for CUSD? 

No, but I know that the organizations I support now will not leave me and my children, especially the siblings of the child with autism ALONE,  unlike the community Ed and I grew up in, the community that we fought so hard  to get back to, the community we wanted Ashley and Nick could grow up in, the community we still fight, to afford, so Emily and Austin will grow up in and be part of.

The Primer Family has two fundraisers that they are doing that directly make a difference in Austin and Emily Primer's life.  They are 




I hope that our Carlsbad community comes through and shows the Primer Children, the support that we have always shown the Carlsbad community. Until then, the Primer Family will fight this battle with the other Autism families in CUSD together as an autism family, but alone without our school district community.

Until next time PITAup and fight for a kid with autism!!  Also all views in this blog belong solely to Shannon Primer and are not from Ed Primer.