Friday, October 2, 2015

Reflections on SB277 Referendum

To all the SB277 Referendum Warriors in the State of California,

I thought we all might need a little pick me up while we all wait anxiously for answers.

When there are big moments in my journey to awaken the world about vaccines risks I have found theme songs that represent my feelings at the time.  I thought I would share my new theme song since the referendum started.

"Like a small boat on the ocean
Sending big waves into motion"

We are that small boat and we are not going away.

Before Autism and vaccine damaged I lived the perfect "soccer (but insert football) mom" life.  After vaccine damage we pretty much have lost all our mainstream friends and have lived in the world of autism.  This fight has renewed my faith in society.  This fight has brought me back into the real world, where you talk about things other then autism.

This song is dedicated to each of you who worked hard and are helping me because this is my

"Take back my life song
Prove I'm alright song"

I think we can all relate to this portion of the song also.

"And I don't really care if nobody else believes
Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me
Losing friends and I'm chasing sleep
Everybody's worried about me
In too deep
Say I'm in too deep
And it's been two years
I miss my home
But there's a fire burning in my bones"

Thank each and everyone of you for helping me in this journey, not just back into society but in learning so much about myself!

Thank you especially to the San Diego team who kicked ass!!!

We will forever be bonded.


This Is My Fight Song

Sunday, September 6, 2015

SB277 Referendum should you sign, should you not, should you give up your medical rights? Let's talk!

I think it is important to remember this is an ALL or nothing bill.  If you are missing one vaccine your child can not go to school.

Many children who will be denied an education that is guaranteed under the California State Constitution are missing something as simple as the Hep B vaccine at birth.

Just that missing 1 vaccine means no school.

This also labels families who do not "vaccinate" under this law, "anti-vaxx" !

Most of the people working on the SB277 Referendum and have been many times to Sacramento on this issue are not anti vaccines.  We HATE BEING LABELED THAT!  We are pro choice!  We think medicine should be between a doctor and a patient.    NOT BETWEEN YOUR GOVERNMENT AND YOUR DOCTOR!!!  Your doctor should be able to make your medical decisions on your family history and medical history, and include medical labs!! 

The California Medical Association ( has also recentlysent out a message to their members saying, “This is an attack not only on Dr. Pan, but on the professional integrity of physicians across the state.”

I would argue as a patient that bills like SB277, SB792, Ab1117, and HR2232 do the opposite.  They TAKE AWAY THE “professional integrity of physicians”!

These bills take away your doctor’s ability to make decisions based on your medical history!  They make them forced to explain THEIR MEDICAL DECISIONS IF IT CROSSES A STATE MEDICAL MANDATE!!

I am not asking you to agree or disagree with SB277, I am asking you to please give us another year for you and the rest of the public to research this bill and all the others I have mentioned!!  Please consider signing the SB277 Referendum and donating to

If you are worried about these diseases, you might want to also research vaccine shedding!!

You might also want to stay away from recently vaccinated people.

Or as we call them babies, kindergartners, 7th grade students, and soon all daycare workers and volunteers.

Senator Pan denied that vaccines shed in many hearings this last spring!

Here is ANOTHER mainstream article that say that vaccines SHED! (You can find many mainstream articles and even on the site that vacines shed)

You have nothing to fear from healthy children that are partially vaccinated or not vaccinated.

Most children with Personal Exemptions (about 2%) fall in the "partially" vaccinated category and would be denied an education that is guaranteed by our California State Constitution!!!

Please if you have any little nagging thoughts on SB277, sign the referendum and give your self a year to educate yourself on this subject!!  This just puts the subject on the ballot!  It does not mean the decisions is decided one way or the other!  It just lets the PEOPLE VOTE ON IT!!
Need more information, please ask we have just a few weeks to get this on the ballot and let the people vote!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Politics and SB277

I am glad I do not watch daytime tv on time. Caught the beginning of yesterday's The Rachael Ray Show and they had President Bill Clinton on. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I miss my 20's where I trusted my government and I was out campaigning, making calls, and volunteering for his campaign even though I had two small children.
Today at 2 am in the morning, I sit here fighting my government for what I bottom line believe are my constitutional rights to chose medical care for my children. This is not a pro/anti vax stance, this is that big companies should not be able to tell my doctor or me how or what medical care I should do. My medical decisions for my family of complex medical issues: Heart Disease, Cancer, Autism, Mitochondrial, Auto-immune, MTHFR, Strep, and more then I care to think about should NOT BE DECIDED BY A DOCTOR IN SACRAMENTO WHO HAS NEVER MET ME OR MY FAMILY (despite my 6 trips to Sacramento).
Medical decisions should be made between a patient and a doctor, based on family history and medical tests. (End of subject))
I am sad that I will NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY. I am sad that the party I fought so hard for years no longer values that I can make medical decisions for my children. I am sad that they value a corporations donations and money more then the people that elect them.
No matter where you stand on the referendum, I hope you know that we stepped into this to protect your medical rights. We also hope that all our elected officials remember one important thing, you piss off enough people and you can lose your job.

If you would like more information on the referendum you can read more about it here or sign up the cause at

Monday, June 8, 2015

What is the bigger threat to the Greater Good? Who is the Greater Good?

This last week while many of us started our 1st week of summer, or finished up finals, or went to a graduation party (including me)...
7 children with Autism DIED FROM WANDERING! The stats say 1 in 68 children have autism (the reality is that is of children 12 and older)!!!

Zero died from the measles or was reported to the news for any other disease we vaccinate for. Yet our government thinks we need to mandate everyone be vaccinate?

Where are the mandates to find the cause of autism? Where are the mandates to keep my kid safe?
Yeah still waiting, hear the crickets chirping? Me too!!!

Well I don;t have time to wait for my elected officials to help with wandering, so I am here to tell you how you can help!!!
Like the Missing Persons with Autism page so we can make sure all missing children like mine are found ASAP!!!!
Help fund the National Autism Association's wandering program after you read about how they help.
Call your state and US elected officials and ask why protecting The Greater Good only pertains to vaccines and not to a child with autism that wanders. The number of cases of autism diagnosed last year far out way the number of cases of measles.
The deaths for wandering and autism THIS WEEK far out ways the deaths from measles since 2005!!!!!!
Autism THIS WEEK 7 deaths, measles the last 10 YEARS??? ZERO, NONE, NADA, ZILCH, I am sure I missed some other word, but it still equals NONE!!!!
‪#‎NoOnSB277‬ ‪#‎MyKidMatters‬

Now go PITAUP and change the world!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

I have no idea what the action plan is today for ‪#‎SB277‬, but I can tell you one thing, moving is not it!!!! There was just a federal bill introduced that is very similar to SB277!!
If your end plan is to move out of the country, then great, get packing.
If your plan is to move out of state you are SOL (yes that does mean "shit out of luck") since there is now federal legislation being introduced!!! Now is not the time to pack your bags, now is the time to find your voice, speak up and fight.
This is no longer "IF" it happens, it is "when" it happens, if you sit on the side line and do nothing.
Yes that is meant to SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU...
This fight is far from over!!!
This bill passed the CA Senate, it IS NOT LAW YET!!! We need to keep explaining what people can do right now in CA fight SB277! AGAIN this is not just coming to CA it is coming to every state in the union!!!!
Find your CA State Assembly Person and politely tell them your position on SB277, SB792 and any other mandatory vaccine bill that may be proposed.|
Not in California?
Contact your US Senator and House of Representative and oppose the national bill.