Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Politics and SB277

I am glad I do not watch daytime tv on time. Caught the beginning of yesterday's The Rachael Ray Show and they had President Bill Clinton on. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time. I miss my 20's where I trusted my government and I was out campaigning, making calls, and volunteering for his campaign even though I had two small children.
Today at 2 am in the morning, I sit here fighting my government for what I bottom line believe are my constitutional rights to chose medical care for my children. This is not a pro/anti vax stance, this is that big companies should not be able to tell my doctor or me how or what medical care I should do. My medical decisions for my family of complex medical issues: Heart Disease, Cancer, Autism, Mitochondrial, Auto-immune, MTHFR, Strep, and more then I care to think about should NOT BE DECIDED BY A DOCTOR IN SACRAMENTO WHO HAS NEVER MET ME OR MY FAMILY (despite my 6 trips to Sacramento).
Medical decisions should be made between a patient and a doctor, based on family history and medical tests. (End of subject))
I am sad that I will NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY. I am sad that the party I fought so hard for years no longer values that I can make medical decisions for my children. I am sad that they value a corporations donations and money more then the people that elect them.
No matter where you stand on the referendum, I hope you know that we stepped into this to protect your medical rights. We also hope that all our elected officials remember one important thing, you piss off enough people and you can lose your job.

If you would like more information on the referendum you can read more about it here or sign up the cause at