Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanks Autism Speaks for again doing nothing for us on World Autism Day!!!

Dear Autism Speaks,

I had decided to not write about you this year for Autism Awareness Day, until I got the following e-mail from you.

Autism SpeaksiPad2 Application

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for applying for the AutismCares iPad2 Grant.

We received 13,000 applications from around the world, but could only consider families located in the United States.

Although your family was not awarded this time, your application will be kept on file in case we are able to donate more iPads in the future.

For resources, toolkits, and much more information for you and your family, please visit


Autism Speaks

Since you decided on World Autism Day to blatantly slap me across the face and point out how little you do for my family, my non verbal child with Autism and our autism community, I've decided to go ahead and write a blog and open letter to your organization.

I'm at a loss on how an organization that raised $50,238,297 dollars, almost $17 million spent in salaries, another $17 million on "other expenses" in 2010, couldn't possibly use some of that $17 million in "other expenses" for 2011 on 13,000 iPads. I was at Walmart this morning and the iPad 2 is only $399.00 and would only be $5,187,000 and would actually benefit the people you claim to be fundraising to help. As far as I can tell from your tax return is the only people you are really helping are those who are paid their salaries by you.

As for our non verbal child Austin and him getting a much needed iPad, I guess we will keep plugging along on how to fundraise a bit of the money away from you and into
Austin's fundraiser.

For Austin Primer and the rest of the 1 in 88 kids with autism and their families that your NOT SPEAKING FOR, let me say thanks again for NOTHING and I hope you suck that blue light bulb and choke on the little blue puzzle piece.


Shannon Primer whose proud to Speak for herself and proudly wearing black today!!!

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