Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fundraiser for an iPad, Case and Warranty for Austin Primer

We are fundraising for an iPad for Austin Primer. Austin is a 10 year old boy with Autism. Austin is non verbal, he has been through several talking devices. He has the most success with the iTouch and Proloquo2go. The downside to the iTouch is its size. Austin many times has to go back because it is to small and he hits the wrong PEC. An iPad would make navigating Proloquo2go easier and give Austin a better chance at success at communicating with his friends and family.

Austin would also need a case. iAdapter is getting good reviews for protection and the fact that it has built in speakers. You can also hide the home button so that you can't leave Proloquo2go which Austin often does on the iTouch. Not being able to leave the program will also help Austin be more successful.

Even with the best case we would also get a SquareTrade.com warranty to protect against damage.

Thanks for reading, hopefully donating, and passing along our link to anyone who you think could help Austin.

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