Monday, March 5, 2012

I hate you all equally!

For my children, I know sometimes you think I love Austin most but I need to tell you that is not true! I love Austin like I loved you as a baby! You all were an open slate with so much potential you also were so vulnerable as all babies are! The difference between you, Ashley, Nickalas, and Emily, is you have had the opportunity to move beyond being a baby, toddler, preschooler, kindergartener, middle schooler, and high schooler, etc!

Austin has only had the opportunity to move passed baby! He is still at 10.5 a toddler! It does not mean I love him or you more, it means I love you are different, it means you all have different needs, each of you have something different that needs Loved! His needs, like those of a toddler will always exceed yours, that does not mean you are loved LESS, it means you are loved different! It means you are loved for you!

I hope some day you understand that! For me and my sisters it has always been my mom's statement that she "hates us all equally". For some that would mean your mom did not love you, but for me it always reminds me she loves me no matter what!

Thanks mom for always reminding me that a moms love is not always equal. It is what is needed!

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