Monday, November 1, 2010

Communication Shut Down Day

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Things I wanted to say today November 1, 2010 on Facebook on Communication Shut Down Day, but could not because I vowed to be silent on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

6:30 am. Woke up, looked at phone and realized, Oh ShOOt (clean version) I can’t post on FB for the rest of the day. CRAP!!!!

7:00 am Pumpkin seeds taste best fresh out of the oven and HOT!!!

7:35 am Damn its cold, it is definitely fall.

8:20 am Crap, I can’t respond to a private message, even if it is IEP related because I took a vow to not post on FB. Do I have Kristen S's email address? Oh they should have made us shut down e-mail other than work related also. That would have made this more like Austin, and being able to observe, but not communicate.

9:00 am Damn!!! Shelly made it to work, that is impressive after drinking Dirty Shelly’s at Oktoberfest yesterday.

10:00 am realized I need to go back to the gym, STAT, I have muscles I am neglecting and riding the mechanical bull yesterday pointed them out this morning.

12:20 pm peaking at FB friend Kelli popped up in Private chat, cursed, and sent her a text message. Thought to self damn they should have made me vow to stay off FB, Twitter, and text that really would have killed me.

12:25 pm wondering if I should be annoyed that the app posted to my page at like 7 am. Wasn’t I supposed to not post, and yet they did? I could see if they did at midnight, but 7 am? Just saying. Autism has no apps that can magically post for them.

4:38 pm Whose bright idea was it to drive to Escondido during traffic hour?

6:45 pm Thinks Emily Primer might be the smartest Primer yet, she said we should get a mechanical bull for Austin’s birthday next year, after I complained that the guy running the mechanical bull yesterday at Oktoberfest did not even challenge Austin. Damn that girl is smart, just saying!!!

7:30 pm read two Facebook friends responses on Facebook to Communication Shut Down day.

• Elizabeth M.: Not the 2nd yet, but here I am! I stayed off until about 4pm today. I am going to be perfectly honest here, while off of Facebook I did not even remotely feel silenced or socially alienated like people with Autism do. I was able to shop, talk on the phone and care for myself and children. However I am praying for hope and recovery for Autism. I hold hands with my fellow Parents whether in silence or not.
• Cindy W.: I'm actually getting a kick out of the people who said they wouldn't be on FB today who are actually lurking on FB.

My response here and not on facebook…

As a parent of the nonverbal child, I never took this day as a day I could not look or read on Social Media; I took as a day of silence. First and foremost because my child is silent does not mean he is not in his world or does not observe it. So if that means I cheated, so be it, but I made it 24 hours in support of him. If you read from their page, I took their response to mean the same thing. First and foremost, their “aim is to simply encourage a greater understanding from people outside the autism community. Social network users have become reliant and even addicted to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And if they shut down for 1 day, they will feel a sense of disconnection and a sense of frustration.”

I am inside our community and I still took the vow.

From their site also, “When you get the CHAPP, you are making a donation and helping to raise funds and awareness for autism. If you decide to cheat a little on the day and log on to your account, that's entirely up to you”

Also from their page, “We are talking to a number of people on the spectrum and parents of children with autism who will be blogging on Nov 1 about their positive experiences and also their challenges”

I personally took Social Media to also mean no blogging, so you all will see this tomorrow, because I am also not blogging today, even though I have a lot to say.

8:00 pm Shannon Primer has to love a man who will vacuum and straighten up, upstairs when he knows his wife will deal with the social worker tomorrow alone, since he has football practice and for some reason they both never planned ahead when having a kid with Autism and made him have a birthday not during football season. Thanks Ed Primer for helping out yet again! I know I bitch and complain, but I do appreciate you!!

8:15 loves that her 18 year old is checking his General Election Guide for his first time voting tomorrow. Yeah Nick, you Rock!!! He also said he wants Ed and I to wait to vote with him. Family tradition here. So if you ask before 8 pm if I voted the answer will be no, I vote when Ed gets home after football practice and when Ash and Nick roll through the door. Screw all of you who vote by mail, the Primer’s vote in groups!!! Love VOTING DAY!!!

8:33 pm Damn another friend without a child with Autism just popped up on FB in private chat, and he is not answering my text, oh well he will forgive me. Won’t you Eddie?

8:46 pm cursing Eddie S. for not checking his DAMN iPhone! And still thinking next year they should make this day not the day before election day and for lots of communication venues like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, texting, e-mail, etc. I am just annoyed and not really challenged like Austin.

8:49 pm Ok maybe I am really annoyed now by not being able to post on FB. My cousin’s cousin’s wife just posted on a picture of Amy’s Rice Macaroni & Cheese with Non Dairy Cheeze picture that I posted, saying that my Henry’s market is now carrying it after I asked for 6 straight weeks and had to threaten a blog. Ok it was worth the protest; they also started carrying Daiya Cheese, and Udi’s bread. Damn I forgot to mention Amy’s new GF Chocolate cake, note to self to ask for that tomorrow. Oh wait my complaint was I wanted to respond to Naomi G on how to get it at her Health Food Store.

8:51 Eddie finally noticed I texted.

8:55 Friend Kelli S. pops up to point out I am cheating by having Facebook open, told her via text I was blogging about the subject as we typed lol.

9:25 Wonders if I went to bed before 9:25 PST yesterday and it is now 9:29 PST if I can post a new blog? Ok , I am going with no since then I will want to post it to Facebook and I am sure that is against my vow. Damn ethics. WTH is up with those?

9:32 Autism Warrior friend Laureen F. Pops up to comment I vowed to be off, sent her back via text I vowed to not communicate. Waiting for her response;-)

9:34 Noticed Trudy S. posted on Facebook and cursed her for being in Ohio, I am sure she will understand.

9:50 pm bummed Ash called to say she has class and that she will have to vote by herself!!! We will miss her.

9:53 pm Loves Jackie S.’s FB post that says, “I wasn't off fb today to be silent about autism. I was off fb to show support for children and adults with autism, to raise money for GOOD organizations, and to at least attempt to get a glimpse into what it feels like to not talk and/or communicate, even with those I care most about (cuz lets face it...even those who are verbal have a hard time communicating).”

10:00 pm I broke and responded to a FB post even if was only privately. GRRRRRR, sorry, I can’t not respond to a family in need. Austin will understand, I hope.

10:05 pm wonders what a “Hot Luncheon Sundae” is? Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor is offering one free if you come in with a “I voted sticker”. I like free!! I like Farrell’s and really really want to visit the one in Mission Veijo. Do you think they offer anything GFCF for Austin, or do I need to run away from home?

10:09 pm giggles at Amy M’s post that good friends help you clean your garage and thinks great friends “watch Christopher”!

10:25 pm I think I am ready for bed, but am really really trying to make it to midnight to post this blog, I am wondering if I can make it???

10:28 pm Loves her friend Lisa R.’s post “Hubby and I spent 1/2 our date researching the props for tomorrow's vote. I think we are voting the same way on all but 2 items - when we first got married we canceled each other out 100% on every item... time and proximity can change a lot it seems!”

I think Ed and I are only voting differently on one, but I failed to ask him how he is voting on Prop 19 and I am unsure myself how I am voting, so it may be 2.

10:36 pm I am glad I broke my vow of silence and responded to a PM that needed help. I know that Austin will understand that kids like him need help even if we vow to be silent.

10:38 pm Random thought, I love that Sunny Garcia has not unfriended me and all my politically unfriendly Autism thoughts, and that he really is in it for the kids, thanks to Surfer’s Healing!! I <3 Sunny!!!

10:43pm trying to make it until 11, then I can at least lie to myself and pretend I made it 23 hours.

10:53 pm Knows it is time to go to bed when she hates the friends from high school that have the means and ability to go to the World Series. I am not jealous, I am not jealous, if I keep chanting this will be true, especially since how would you all know I spent every summer in San Jose with the most awesome SF Giants fans ever and that I am a huge fan and you should have taken me the parent of a kid with Autism? Even if you met W. and I am anti, lol. Just saying!!

11:31 PM Loves that Nick Primer just came down to discuss with me why I am voting for every state or City Prop and why after he already asked his dad and we know that there is at least one, Ed I might have different opinions on some issues!

So until next time PITAup, change the life of a child with Autism, the life you change, just might just be your own!!!

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