Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Favorite New Products

If you have kids with or without Autism or pets, there are a couple of products you need immediately. The first is the Shark Steam Pocket Mop and the Shark Portable Steamer. It’s amazing what these two products can do with just a little elbow grease and no harsh chemicals. I’ve had the Shark Steam Pocket Mop for a while, but just never got around to using it regularly. The other day my sister and I cleaned my terrible tile floor by hand. I have since been steam cleaning it daily to keep it clean.

I then decided to borrow my sisters Shark Portable Steamer, and I love this one even more. It’s amazing what it can do with its triangle shaped head. Stainless steel appliances, no longer have streaks that other cleaning products left it with. The grease from my stove gone. Little hand prints or the dirt they leave on doors and paint gone! Granite counter tops clean. It is also easy to use around the edges of the toilet. It’s amazing. I want one of my own immediately. I am so in love I think I might have to invest and upgrade to their newest model the Shark Vac-then-steam model and the newest portable model and the new portable model.
This product also kills 99.9% of germs leaving them virtually dry within seconds. No need to worry about around germs, kill them on contact with the steam and no chemicals.

Amazing, I tell you!!!

The second product is Pure Ayre odor eliminator for all dogs (and people). It’s amazing and its food-grade and 100% biodegradable, so it is safe for people and pets. I have allergies to everything and this did not cause me any problems, and it smells great. The company even claim it can take care of skunk smell. If that is the case that is even more amazing.

Pure Ayre also works well with the steamers. I pour a ¼ of a cup in with the water and then steam clean the bathroom floors and no more urine smell. When you have 2 men and one small boy in the house the floors in the bathrooms need cleaned a lot. This is one thing that definitely will help keep your bathroom clean and fresh. You can also use it on furniture and carpet. If you own a carpet cleaner you can add it to the cleaning solution and use it with that also.

Until next time PITAup and do something to change the life of a child with Autism, the life you change maybe your own!!!

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