Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

What is Independence Day? The birthday of America? Yes, but to most it’s an extra day off.

For many families of children with Autism it’s actually the opposite it can be the day of dependence. It is one of those days where you realize your family is different and you can’t just go to any ole BBQ and 4th of July Party. Whither it is behaviors you are worried about or special diets, in our world’s it is always something, especially when invited to a mainstream party.

Until 3 years ago this was especially hard for our family. We never really went to any BBQ or 4th of July celebrations due to Austin’s Autism. Then 3 years ago the Watson family invited us over. They did not have a child with Autism they just liked us and wanted us to join them. It was probably one of the biggest Independence Day’s for our family. And I don’t mean 4th of July celebrations, it actually made us feel independent to be able to take our kids and part of a normal celebration. It truly was one of the best gifts we have been given. It made us a little more daring and a little more willing to try out new parties and places.

The other awesome thing we got out it from year to year was to see how far Austin had come. The first year we were forever telling him to not touch other peoples food and drinks we had to keep both eyes on him at all times. As the last couple years have shown, Austin has gotten better at only touching his own food and drinks. Now it’s more of a crime of opportunity if thinks we are not watching him. This year the Watson’s will not be having their annual 4th of July party, but the Primer family will still be thinking of them and thankful for the gift they have given us. We know that for many families with Autism the day of Independence has not yet come. Especially to you new parents, who are still in the weeds (new to diagnoses up to about 3 years into Autism), keep moving forward, you too will get here someday soon. I know it is hard to see it now, but please know it gets better!!! Or maybe you get better at it. Either way it feels better!!!

As we are also thankful for this “extra day off” we also give thanks for the bigger picture of Independence. While we are all at BBQ and 4th of July parties here on American soil, there are men and women in uniform all over the world protecting that freedom. I don’t care if you agree with the war or not, I just care that our Armed Service people out there fighting know we love and appreciate their daily sacrifices. They are missing the fun of 4th of July, the BBQ, the visiting with friends and family, the beer, the soda, the potato salad, the Jell-O shots and the fireworks tonight that we all be enjoying. They are also missing their families. I also thank the family of every armed service person, because I know how much they miss them also and how much they appreciate the sacrifice, because they also sacrifice for our freedom. I especially am proud of my sister and her family on this day as my brother-in-law is one of those men and women fighting to protect us! Thank you Brian for fighting for us, thank you Tanya, Kirby and Addie for being strong and allowing the rest of us the privilege of Brian protecting us!!! We love you all and are so proud of you all!!!

Until next time PITAup and if you see someone in the Marine Corp, Army or Navy today or know a family of a military person, thank them for all they do for us!!!
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  1. We appreciate our Air Force and Coast Guard too!!

  2. Yes them too!! Did not mean to leave anyone out;-)