Sunday, September 6, 2015

SB277 Referendum should you sign, should you not, should you give up your medical rights? Let's talk!

I think it is important to remember this is an ALL or nothing bill.  If you are missing one vaccine your child can not go to school.

Many children who will be denied an education that is guaranteed under the California State Constitution are missing something as simple as the Hep B vaccine at birth.

Just that missing 1 vaccine means no school.

This also labels families who do not "vaccinate" under this law, "anti-vaxx" !

Most of the people working on the SB277 Referendum and have been many times to Sacramento on this issue are not anti vaccines.  We HATE BEING LABELED THAT!  We are pro choice!  We think medicine should be between a doctor and a patient.    NOT BETWEEN YOUR GOVERNMENT AND YOUR DOCTOR!!!  Your doctor should be able to make your medical decisions on your family history and medical history, and include medical labs!! 

The California Medical Association ( has also recentlysent out a message to their members saying, “This is an attack not only on Dr. Pan, but on the professional integrity of physicians across the state.”

I would argue as a patient that bills like SB277, SB792, Ab1117, and HR2232 do the opposite.  They TAKE AWAY THE “professional integrity of physicians”!

These bills take away your doctor’s ability to make decisions based on your medical history!  They make them forced to explain THEIR MEDICAL DECISIONS IF IT CROSSES A STATE MEDICAL MANDATE!!

I am not asking you to agree or disagree with SB277, I am asking you to please give us another year for you and the rest of the public to research this bill and all the others I have mentioned!!  Please consider signing the SB277 Referendum and donating to

If you are worried about these diseases, you might want to also research vaccine shedding!!

You might also want to stay away from recently vaccinated people.

Or as we call them babies, kindergartners, 7th grade students, and soon all daycare workers and volunteers.

Senator Pan denied that vaccines shed in many hearings this last spring!

Here is ANOTHER mainstream article that say that vaccines SHED! (You can find many mainstream articles and even on the site that vacines shed)

You have nothing to fear from healthy children that are partially vaccinated or not vaccinated.

Most children with Personal Exemptions (about 2%) fall in the "partially" vaccinated category and would be denied an education that is guaranteed by our California State Constitution!!!

Please if you have any little nagging thoughts on SB277, sign the referendum and give your self a year to educate yourself on this subject!!  This just puts the subject on the ballot!  It does not mean the decisions is decided one way or the other!  It just lets the PEOPLE VOTE ON IT!!
Need more information, please ask we have just a few weeks to get this on the ballot and let the people vote!

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