Monday, February 7, 2011

United we stand, divided OUR CHILDREN FALL

I left high school a long time ago, and all the pettiness that comes with being in High School, and then I met SoapNet boards which had the board wars of all board wars. I fought on those, I have at least 3 Facebook Friends who can attest to this, I had many screen names, I was good at it, I could win arguments and argue story lines, and I could fight the best of them.

Then I met Autism, and the adorable blonde boy in the picture, who was nothing like that 6.5 years ago and I realized there was actually something worthy of fighting for, something worthy of my time and my efforts and my passion.

For all of you who are invested in this Facebook war of Diet vs. non diet parents, Nuero-Diverse vs. Anti-vaccine war, I am here to tell you, the war is not worth it.

Honestly I only expect to appeal to the parents like me who are parents of kids with Autism, we may be a parent who never tried diet, we maybe a parent who is unsure about vaccines but thinks the government is trying to protect us. We also may be Pro Safe Vaccines, Pro Diet, and Pro helping their kid with Autism, because honestly most parents I am friends with are somewhere in the middle. Also most of the adults with Autism or Asperger’s I am friends with feel the same. They are not anti me helping my kid; they are anti-anyone changing them. I am not pro changing my kid; I am pro making my kid a healthy happy part of society who is not dependent on society.

Honestly, I think the ND’s are out to just divide us, which is why I am pleading to you all who are like me to think about what you are doing, what you are giving the media and what it really costs our kids. Let’s stop fighting those ND, big pharm people who are paid to annoy and distract us, and let’s concentrate on who we need to educate. 1) Our elected officials 2) the media 3) other parents of children with Autism and most important pregnant and new parents.


I am too old, at 39.5, and to invested in my kid with Autism, and helping new parents like me, to be at war with anyone on Facebook. At the DAN in October a bunch of PITAs tried to tease me into fighting with the Autism Speaks volunteer and I said it then and I will say it now; I don't fight volunteers or the rank and file employees. If someone wants to buy me a ticket to argue with Autism Speaks at their fancy Park Ave office or this Zoey person face to face, I will do it, but until then, I have a real life, real families to help and children and a husband to attend to.

To show I walk this line day to day I have a friend from high School on my friends list on Facebook whose husband is an infectious disease doctor and even she has not unfriended me, but I am sure she has hid my posts.

So let’s all go back to what we do best…

1) Educate others
2) Educate our elected officials
3) Educate our news organizations
4) And ignore the ND and people who make us fight between ourselves when there is a real battle to fight.

We have 2 choices stand united together, or stand divided and let OUR CHILDREN FALL.

After 6.5 years in the world of Autism, I just recently started watching Soap Opera's again, I have no desire to go back to the Soap Boards, I have no interest in a board war, there or here in real life.

I'm asking you my counter part in the WAR AGAINST AUTISM to do the same, lets stand together, lets stop let this be a battle of our community, lets stand together because divided OUR CHILDREN FALL!!!

Protect our children, protect my child! Stand together and PITAup! The life you change may not be your own it may be the life of a child or adult with Autism.


  1. Standing right there with you. No time for drama. No time for mean. Those who don't keep marching forward will self destruct.

  2. Educate the medical community. We do not want our children treated as though they have a developmental disability, but rather as very serious medical illness for which proper prevention and treatments need to be discovered and safely administered.

    Educate the food industry. We do not want food that is genetically modified beyond recognition, grown with pesticides and herbicides and in fields filled with toxins, and shipped and trucked to market in polluting vessels and vehicles and over-packaged in plastics and wraps that are further polluting our bodies and our waterways and our lands. GFCFSF has NOTHING on the crap food that is affordable and widely available in most of the markets accessible to the majority of people and if our food supply-chain does not drastically improve, it won't matter what you feed your family. They will get sick (whether it's autism, cancer, diabetes, etc.).

    Stop the madness, please!

  3. I try very hard not to get sucked into online battles. There's no point. But when people start censoring others' right to post online, I get mad. Can't help it - I hate censorship.

    But you're right, Shannon, we need to focus on our kids - and I mean all kids with autism, they are all ours. We won't always agree on everything but at least we can agree that honoring each parent's educated choices for his or her child is essential. And thanks for helping to provide a big piece of that education!

  4. Thanks for posting your perspective. This topic is something I've been mulling over for the past few days, and I appreciate your take on it. I have a feeling I'll have my own blog entry to write about this very issue very soon...